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In a city with more than a dozen places to get pizza, everyone has their favorite, their go-to spot for a hot pie. It’s time to consider adopting a new favorite; Wall Street Pizza on Washington. Owner Randy Langhamer is a retired stock market pro, and his slogan “We know how to make dough.” couldn’t be more true. They also know how to bake it, sauce it and top it with some traditional Italian perfection.

With almost a year at the current location, Wall Street has been acquiring regulars at a fast pace, but this is the kind of slow food that takes time. The dough is made from double zero flour, a very fine milled flour that creates a low gluten content, and therefore, an ideal crunch. The sauce – truly one of the best I’ve ever had from a commercial kitchen-  has the clean, tangy bite of San Marzano tomatoes cooked just long enough to relax into liquid, spiced with a deft hand. The fresh mozzarella has a satisfyingly mild milky flavor, and a stretchy chewiness that you only get from the genuine article.

If you’ve been driving west on Washington to get to Venice and indulge in the famous garlic knots by the beach, your trip just got a lot shorter. The Wall Street dough is given a nice proof, and turned with the ideal amount of garlic, parmigiano reggiano cheese and olive oil and baked until golden, fragrant and irresistible.

The Wall Street theme doesn’t stop with the slogan. Pizzas and salads are all named after financial jargon of the trading world, and any combination you choose will be a good deal. Wall Street is a just a tiny bit fanatical about the quality of ingredients, the correct recipe and standard of service. You really can’t lose.

There is a bar, Culver City enough to be made from recycled wine and beer bottles, serving New York craft beers on tap, and French and Argentine wines.

When asked what his favorite pizza was growing up in New York, Randy had to think for a moment. “Pizza in Long Island is like tacos in L.A., turn around and there’s another option on any corner.” But he confessed to favor the pie at a place called Brooklyn Lou’s. He was mum over whether Wall Street’s top notch pizza was a result of family recipes or restaurant research, but anyone who created that red sauce might well consider it classified.

A new favorite? A New Yorker would say – Ya gotta. C’mon ya gotta!


Wall Street Pizza

1955 Washington Blvd #101, Los Angeles, CA 90066

 Closes 11 PM · See more hours
(424) 500- 2019
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