Frost Hosts L!VETalks with Eric Idle and Bob Saget

The event at the Frost Auditorium on Oct. 11 was the first big date with L!VETalks, and the newly reopened theater was crowded with fans to get a copy of Eric Idle’s new book, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life; A Sortabiography.” A conversation between Bob Saget and Eric Idle came close to filling the 1200 seat venue, and many local Monty Python fans were there to whistle along.

Recounting his almost 50 years in comedy, Idle reminisced about Cambridge Footlights Club, meeting John Cleese, and his beginnings as a performer. Saget did  not need to ask many questions or do much prompting, but they exchanged a few gentle jokes about working in television in the late 20th century. Questions about the film “The Life of Brian” unfolded into the tale of how former Beatle George Harrison became the financial backer after executives at BMI read the script and declared it to be blasphemous. Both comics agreed that the film probably couldn’t even get made today.

Persuaded to pick up a guitar and sing a few of his songs, Idle closed with “Always Look in the Bright Side of Life,” which many recall as the music for the closing credits for “Life of Brian.”

L!VETalks next offering at the Frost will be Pete Souza on October 21, offering “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents


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