Measure K Kickoff Gathers Supporters

While there will be no controversy over school board candidates for the upcoming election, there is already conversation starting about Measure K, the parcel tax on the November ballot.  With so much on the ballot, CCUSD does not want this important vote overlooked. Supporters gathered September 7 at the home of Board President Anne Allaire to answer questions and organize support.

Lawn signs were available, and President Allaire, PTA President Meghan Rawls and Board Member Dr. Steve Levin addressed the crowd with their enthusiastic support and plenty of facts in regard to school funding. “I support it because I understand the funding woes we have here in California.” Allaire also focused on information from former school board member Sue Robins, who relocated to Portland, Maine. Working with a school district roughly the same size as Culver City, Robins noted that their budget was twice what CCUSD has to work with.

Allaire spoke about California’s long term educational funding challenges, “We are trying to fix a statewide problem at a local level.”

“Talk to the people who are moving in here, and you will hear that they are moving here for the schools. It’s great to have Apple, to have Amazon Studios, to have all these big companies coming to Culver City. but without the schools, were are [just like] Century City.”

California is currently rated 45th out of the 50 states in school funding, and budget shortfalls for the current CCUSD School Year are projected at more than $6 million.

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  1. With all of the major companies moving in and the high home values, CC should have more than enough tax dollars. Why keep adding taxes? Also, what measures have been taken to cut costs or consolidate budget items? Just because we have a strong economy, doesn’t mean we should be taxing and spending.

    In comparing our budget to another town, does that mean even more tax increases? How many students do other districts have that are out of district and not paying into the system?

    Can there be a thought to increasing taxes to the billion dollar corporations in CC? That’s pennies for them.

    I know this is a small cost and it’s for education. but you must always be fiscally responsible.

    I am 50/50 about supporting the measure because I would like to see the long term plan – additional taxes, recession planning, return on investment.

  2. How exactly can one go about getting a lawn sign? Wanna put one in my yard.

    Yes on Measure K, for sure!

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