Tashon McKeithan Declares for the School Board

With the new election schedule for the Culver City School Board set to go with the national elections in November, candidates are launching campaigns and pulling papers. Tashon McKeithan opened her campaign with an event at the home of current school board Vice President Dr. Kelly Kent on Saturday, August 4, 2018. A gathering of supporters talked about politics, and Ms. McKeithan answered questions.

Why run for the Culver City School Board? She said she’d been looking for more ways to get involved since first moving to Culver City five years ago, a strategy that has her serving on the current Fiesta La Ballona Committee. Ms McKetihan works as an administrator at a private school, and feels that it would be a major advantage to the school board to have a professional educator. “What I think we need to look at most closely is where we are spending our money,” starting her campaign with a specific financial focus.

Originally from New York City, McKeithan was raised by her grandparents with a deep respect for education. As the parent of a special needs student, she is also focused on the need for early intervention and access to services throughout the district.

With board member Kathy Paspalis retiring, the next school board election must seat at least one new member for the next term. With other possible candidates undeclared, it’s still not clear who McKeithan will be running against, but the race is officially begun.

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