CCPD to Offer Community Meeting on Drones – Aug. 9

The controversy over police use of drones is one that is a conversation in communities all over America. While the use of license plate readers was rejected by the city council, drones were approved at the same meeting. What kind of data will these machines be gathering and who has access to that information? How will this affect policing in Culver City?

The Culver City Police Department’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Program (Drones) will be on August 9th, 6:30pm “Senior Center” 4095 Overland Ave. Community members are encouraged to attend and offer their views and opinion on this program and policy.

It is crucial that citizens show up and ask their questions, and offer their thoughts. The level of technology being used by the city (and the state, and the country) is only going to increase. How we focus this next step is essential to our city.

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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