Dear Editor – June 25 City Council Meeting to Revisit Mayoral Rotation

Dear Editor,

Skipping over Goran Eriksson’s appointment for vice mayor violated the spirt and letter of the city policy and charter. It is an affront to equity, equality, and propriety. No one should be skipped over when the rules clearly intend that all city council members should be appointed vice-mayor and mayor in turn based on length of service. None of the previous jockeying or fiddling with succession resulted in ANYONE losing their chance to be mayor their FIRST time.

The progressive supermajority made a mistake and they need to rectify it at the June 25th, 7 p.m. City Council meeting. By appointing Ms. Sahli-Wells for her second mayoral appointment over Mr. Eriksson’s first shot, they showed the same type of political punch-drunk behavior seen among Republicans across the US and as most vilely represented by Trump. Power does not mean ignorance of rules and procedure. In America, power must be wielded to promote the ideals of equality, due process, and for the benefit of all. That is the American promise. It isn’t always followed, but that is our underlying definition of democracy. The majority doesn’t always rule or run roughshod over due process. We are better than that.

In the words of the musical Hamilton, “rise up.” If you believe this was wrong, unfair, unprecedented, and improper, here’s your chance: City Council meeting June 25, 7 pm, City Hall. Come speak calmly and clearly about fairness, equity, following our rules, sticking to our words and promises. Can’t make it or shy? Write an email or letter to be read into the record. Outside political agitators are not welcome. This is our city and our City Council who needs to be responsible and fair.

Note: keep your comments short and on point. A two-minute limit on public comment is likely.

Jamie Wallace

The Actors' Gang

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