CCUSD Moves to Create More Classes, More Support for the Arts

At a meeting of the school board at the Culver City Middle School on March 20, 2018, the district invited the community to help plan “Strategic Directions and Year One Actions” for the new CCUSD Arts Education plan. The room was almost filled with parents, community members, artists  and students, each with lots of ideas.

Led by CCUSD Arts Coordinator Heather Moses, the meeting was a beginning to talk about how and what the district could do to expand staffing, find space and create a supportive professional community to bring more arts into the schools.

A large contingent of students from the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts Film Department was there to give their thoughts and reflections. Bella Chardiet offered that she would like to see film starting much earlier. ” If there had been a film curriculum in grade school of even middle school, I might have found this path earlier.” Ginger Port, a film student with AVPA,  who helped to create the strategy prior to the meeting, noted that getting a start in school was a crucial advantage for a career.

With a focus on culturally relevant, diverse and integrated programs using multiple layers of teaching and production,  the district looks to continue and greatly expand the focus on getting children involved in art at every level.

Photo shows CCUSD students at Track 16 Gallery in Culver City with the show “Interference” 


Judith Martin-Straw


The Actors' Gang

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