Student Arrested for Making Criminal Threats at Culver High School

On February 28th, 2018 at approximately 1400 hours, the Culver City Police Department received a call of a student making criminal threats at Culver City High School. The School Resource Officer immediately responded along with Patrol Officers and Detectives.

Police Department personnel met with School Staff and learned that students had overheard threats being made by a fellow student. During the course of the investigation, the student was identified as a 17 year old male.

The student had left school prior to the arrival of our officers. Detectives responded to the student’s residence where he was located. Detectives met with his parents, who were very cooperative. After a thorough investigation, the student was arrested and later booked at the Culver City Police Department for Criminal Threats. He was later released to the custody of Eastlake Juvenile Hall. A firearm that was located at the residence was voluntarily turned over to the detectives. This incident is being presented to the District Attorney’s Office today for criminal filing considerations.

This incident highlights the importance of students to come forward if they are made aware of these types of threats. Please remember if you see or hear something, say something.

The Culver City Police Department would also like to remind the public that the unsafe storage of firearms is a crime. Adults who choose to keep firearms in their home are required to store them in a safe or with a locking device attached. The law related to the Criminal Storage of Firearms can be found under California Penal Code Section 25100.


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