Dear Editor – Mayor Speaks Out for Dreamers

Light-bulb-0003-300x198As the Mayor of Culver City, and a long time resident, I was angered by President Trump’s recent actions to end DACA for hundreds of thousands of people. Culver City welcomes everyone, no matter where they are from and whatever their background might be. Our City is known as the Heart of Screenland, where dreams can become reality and I want all people to know we welcome them with open arms. In addition, as a City, we will do whatever we can to continue to protect all DACA dreamers and their families.

President Trump’s attack on DACA hits at the heart of what makes our country great: people working hard to make their dreams come true. His action is heartbreaking and egregious, as it tears families apart and ensures economic peril. I ask Congress to pass the DREAM Act immediately, making the protections afforded by DACA permanent and binding.

Several months ago, Culver City became a Sanctuary City, so we will also continue to protect those who live, work, attend school and enjoy our city. Please know that your welfare is of utmost importance to us.

Culver City Mayor Jeff Cooper

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