Culver-Palms Y Nears ‘Grand Reopening’

21316508_10154597511730683_1411725241562146925_oThe completion of construction at the Culver-Palms Y is almost in sight, and the Y is happy to showcase the remodeling and upgrades that have kept the facility busy over the last ten months. Renovations focused on the Front Lobby, portions of the pool deck, and the locker rooms that are part of the Aquatics Center. Plans called for adding a family restroom, two rinse off showers, and a family dressing room directly off the pool deck. These additions were completed a month ago.

Upgrades to the Front Lobby are virtually complete. Sturdy, dark grey chairs form two rows facing the glass wall of the Aquatics Center, providing members a comfortable view of children taking swim lessons and both kids and adults enjoying other activities in the pool.

New furniture in the Front Desk area creates more space for staff to take care of members and a better flow for entering the main facility and the locker rooms off the pool. What remains is activating the air conditioning system, which is designed to control room temperature in both the Front Lobby and the locker rooms. This means that air conditioning will begin for both areas when construction of the new locker rooms is finished.

The outdoor walkway leading to the locker rooms is protected by a modern, wood panel overhang. Inside each locker room, red, natural, and dark purple tile line the walls of the showers, toilet stalls, and sink areas, with dark grey partitions providing privacy throughout the area. Four individual showers plus a handicapped shower have been installed, with dynamic checkered tile covering the floor.

Dark grey lockers extend along the walls in the changing area, offering members a more convenient and enjoyable experience in storing their clothes and personal items. Workers are busy installing components that will complete the job, components like sinks, counter tops, shower and bathroom fixtures, and lighting outlets and fixtures.

The date for the ‘Grand Reopening’ will be announced soon.

Devon Corlew, YMCA


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