Last Weekend for Actors’ Gang “Mighty Morphin Midsummer Night’s Dream”

parkkidsThe final weekend of The Actors’ Gang’s Shakespeare in Media Park is coming this August 26th and 27th.  Don’t miss this rumbling, stumbling Mighty Morphin Midsummer Night’s Dream including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, talking robots, wizards and star-crossed lovers dotted with bon mots on orange hair and climate change. In the end, the right Power Ranger couples reunite (you saw this coming right? You know how Shakespeare loves a happy ending? ) and Trini skips off with Billy, Jason with Kim, the bully recants, the bad guy is climate change and every restaurant and most every business in Culver City that sponsored the event gets a plug, along with movies filmed here and the upcoming Centennial Celebrations finale. What more could you want?  Saturday and Sunday, August 26 and 27. 11 a.m. at Media Park. Pay what you can. Bring a blanket, your family and sense of fun. Popsicles are free.

The Actors' Gang

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