Urban Forest Master Plan Wins Award

ShowImageCulver City and Artecho, the consultants who helped prepare the City’s 2016 Urban Forest Master Plan, were recipients of the American Society of Landscape Architect’s Merit Award in recognition of outstanding professional achievement. The Urban Forest Master Plan was adopted to replace the outdated Street Tree Master Plan from 2002.

Culver City’s urban forest is an integral part of the City’s ecosystem. Trees improve air quality, provide shade, and reduce surface temperature. There are approximately 15,000 trees lining residential and arterial streets and City parks, offering a beautiful backdrop to the 5 square miles of the City.

In 2016, the City adopted the Urban Forest Master Plan. This plan won the “Astounding Urban Forestry Project Award” from the California Urban Forests Council and reflects the City’s commitment to nurturing a resilient urban forest. The plan outlines a clear vision about the current and future plans for the City’s trees and provides guidance on long-term and day-to-day maintenance of community trees.

Learn more about tree care and the urban forest. For more information, please call the Public Works Maintenance Operations Division at (310) 253-6420.

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