Dear Editor – CulverCityBus Deserves Their Award

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Culver City Bus. As a regular rider of Culver City buses since 1992, I can confirm that overall the service Culver City Bus has been outstanding. The buses are maintained and clean. The drivers courteous, and professional. If there is a problem or difficulty with buses, and there is no perfect transit company on the planet, Culver City Bus heard my opinions, and acted appropriately when warranted.

Though I live in Westchester, my closest bus, and steady ride since 1992, has been the Culver City No. 6, which I started riding out of environmental concerns, which continue today. First it was air pollution, and knowing that reducing personal driving reduces air pollution. Now, to add to that is climate change and global warming made worse through vehicle exhaust.

When I first started riding buses, traffic was not as bad. With gridlock now the norm in Southern California, riding buses is better than the stress inducing insanity of sitting on gridlocked streets and freeways.

I recommend Culver City Bus to those concerned about the environment, those tired of driving, and for another way to experience the city on different scale of walking and riding buses and transit.

I look forward to many more years of riding the green buses of Culver City Bus.

Matthew Hetz

The Actors' Gang

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