Dear Editor – Applause for CCFD

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Dear Editor:

On Saturday, July 8, 2017 my son and I planned to drive to Solvang, California for 24 hours of relaxation. As we reached Santa Barbara, intending to drive to Solvang via Highway 154, we were stopped because a fire had erupted in the area of Lake Cachuma. When we finally reached Solvang, we contacted the Santa Barbara authorities in order to help with evacuations.

On Sunday, the fire had grown considerably in 2 locations in Santa Barbara County. As we drove back to Culver City on Route 101, we saw fire trucks from several distant jurisdictions heading north to assist local firefighters. My son remarked that maybe we’ll even see a fire truck from Culver City. Within 2 minutes, that is exactly what we saw! One of our own Culver City fire trucks was headed north to help.

We cheered and made a racket in the car and were so proud, but of course the Culver City fire crew never heard us. However, they deserve a shout out and gratitude for joining the other firefighters battling the largest and worst fires Santa Barbara County has faced in years. Thank you CCFD!

Deborah Weinrauch and Ari Aguado

The Actors' Gang

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