YMCA Diabetes Prevention

PrintSummer is right around the corner and if you’re like most people, you could use a little extra help learning how to eat healthily, exercise, and manage your stress. If you’d like to lose weight and have someone hold you accountable as you make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle, join us for our Diabetes Prevention Program.

The Diabetes Prevention Program is the National Institutes of Health created and CDC recognized prevention program and we’ve been offering this amazing program since 2014. Our participants have lost 7-12% of their starting weight and most have successfully gotten rid of prediabetes. Join others who changed their lives around and sign up for our current class!

By eating healthily and losing weight, you’ll not only reach your health goals, you’ll also reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes—and since 1 in 3 people in the US have prediabetes (that’s 86 million people!), why not do all you can to prevent this disease?

For more information and to learn whether or not you qualify for this program, please contact me at (310) 390-3604

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