No Progress for Crosswalks in Fox Hills

imgresOn March 9th, a conference call with Gabe Garcia, Culver City Traffic Engineer, and the Fox Hills Neighborhood Association board yielded little progress on getting crosswalks for the intersection at Doverwood and Bristol, and Green Valley Circle and Fox Hills Drive due to the latest data obtained on the traffic flow in these areas.

According to Garcia the decision is strictly “data driven.” The FHNA noted that accidents and continued requests from residents are  [unfairly] left out of the mix when it comes to decision making.

Garcia responded that if the data does not support such crosswalks, his hands are tied due to California law.

Culver City has plans to re-do the traffic count in September of 2017, and the developments currently being planned for the area may have a significant impact on traffic volume. Ironically, the FHNA noted that with more traffic, there will be more congestion. At that point, the numbers may support the need for crosswalks to go in.

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