Dear Editor – Neighbors Seeking Regulation Re: STR

Light-bulb-0003-300x198In the unfortunately ongoing saga, short term rental property is still creating problems. Despite my greatest hopes, the traffic has not stopped.  The house continues to be a taxi service station of people coming and going, the level of hostility now keeps us on edge who is staying, who is not and knowing the tenant changed her profile picture has re-listed the house on AirBNB.

We are simply frustrated with this and would like to step up the enforcement to criminal prosecution for Zoning Violations. It is my understanding that as the procedure for stopping a violation continues past a fifth attempt, the owner is fined AND criminally prosecuted. We have made complaints over the last year, and are aware of several attempts to stop this activity. It does not matter whether it is a short term rental in a commercial zone (as was the case for Council Member Jeffrey Coopers complaint discussed on January 25, 2017 during the planning meeting) or a residential (R1) zone as is the case here.

This is not Downtown Culver City as the AirBNB post indicates and is a residential area that takes pride and notice when things change. Similar to the idea that we no longer offer Ice Skating, also as advertised in the AirBNB post. This tenant does not care about their surroundings or neighborhood. They care only about profiting in our neighborhood. The city has the capacity, legal right, and duty to take action based on the information I have provided in the past and in this current complaint.


Stephen and Tonie Paull

The Actors' Gang

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