Dear Editor – Senator Mitchell Deplores Traumatic Deportation Raids

Light-bulb-0003-300x198I am sickened by the recent ICE raids. It is unacceptable for families to be torn apart in this fear generating manner. Inducing trauma is not good for any individual and on a larger scale makes society ill. This is not the America of the Civil Rights Movement which taught us that everyone has a place at the table and in America.

These morally corrupt actions fall, unfortunately, under the purview of the federal government. To the extent that they may be legal in nature, there are still processes and procedures that ought to be followed. Amongst those processes is the right to legal counsel. I join Senate President pro Tem De Leon in calling for detained men, women and children to be afforded the right to legal counsel so that their human rights are protected. I further thank and encourage the attorneys who have rushed to the aid of the detained to continue assisting them and securing the human rights to which everyone is entitled.

I will keep a vigilant watch as this situation unfolds. And I will work with the leadership and my colleagues in the Legislature to determine what we can do to safeguard affected families and those at risk.

In the meantime, it is important that individuals and families that might be impacted by this and their allies learn about their rights. To that end, this website is a good place to start: Everyone, keep a red card on you at all times.

I want to tell those that are detained and those that are vulnerable to the ICE Raids, both in my district and throughout the state, that I value them, their families and their contribution. I will continue to fight for all Californians.

Holly Mitchell

State Senator

30th District

The Actors' Gang

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