Quilts & Fiber Art “From the Streets to the Sky”

unnamed-1Branch Gallery is pleased to announce their upcoming exhibition, “From the Streets to the Sky,” featuring twenty-one fiber artists. This exhibition highlights work by members in Quilts on the Wall, a local fiber group that shares a passion for quilting. Participating members include: Linda Anderson, Laurie Bucher, David Charity, Patricia Charity, Carol Churchill, Linda Friedman, Sharon Jaeger, Karen Markley, Laurie Multalipassi, Cathi Nelson, Carol Nilsen, Ellen November, Sharon Oblinger, Kathryn A. Pellman, Corinne Phillips, Joann Sarachman, Beth Shibley, Linda Stone, Janet Lane-Tranbarger, Carolyn Villars, and Deborah Weir.

There will be twenty-four juried art quilts created by QOTW members. A section of the quilts are part of QOTW’s traveling exhibition, “Urban Graffiti.” These quilts are inspired by graffiti and street art, containing imagery with realistic renderings of graffiti, as well as abstract interpretations of street scenes. Observations about homelessness, gentrification, and social class are also present in the “Urban Graffiti” grouping of quilts.

The other portion of quilts is inspired by “Wings,” the idea that one can rise above rough or even dangerous situations. unnamedThese quilts represent beauty in the natural world, with imagery ranging from nature scenes to calming, geometric compositions. “Wings” is a perfect complement to “Urban Graffiti,” not only showcasing further techniques by QOTW members, but also providing spiritual release from the gritty reality in some of the graffiti quilts.

Many of the quilts were created with numerous techniques including: dyeing, screen printing, piecing, appliqué, and machine and hand quilting; using such materials as cotton, silk, and upcycled fabric. Some are whole cloth and others are comprised of many individual fabrics.

Branch Gallery is a fiber-based art space in Los Angeles. The gallery emphasizes both exhibition and education in its 1500 square feet of multifaceted space. Providing opportunities exclusively for the fiber arts, Branch Gallery allows fiber artists to share their work and techniques with the broader Los Angeles arts community. Bringing more attention to fiber as a fine art, along with its presence as a craft, will inspire others to create their own tactile fiber experiences.

The Branch Gallery is a project of The Knitting Tree, L.A., a fiber retail space recently relocated to Los Angeles’ Inglewood.

Quilts on the Wall is a group of fiber artists in Southern California who share a passion for quilt making and desire to push beyond the traditional boundaries of their medium. Many members have won national and international awards, authored books on art quilts, and have published works in multitude of publications. QOTW strives to bring public awareness about art quilts through exhibition.

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