Fitness Starts Jan 1 @ Culver-Palms Y

sliderThe Culver Palms Y will be kicking off the new year with a 31-Day Strength Challenge that will run through the month of January. The focus is on exercising muscles using the strength machines in the Fitness Center. They have designated one exercise for each day of the week, seven different exercises for the week. The weeks repeat.

For example, Monday is legs press. For the challenge you’ll select the heaviest weight for which you can do between 8 and 15 reps on the leg press. Only one set counts each day. Points are computed according to the weight and number of reps and logged onto the white board in the hall. Your progress for each day and exercise will be displayed on the big board.

Each day you’ll exercise muscles of a group that differs from the day before, thereby allowing at least a full day for your body to recuperate. Here is the sequence of exercises through the week:
Monday, Legs; Tuesday, Chest; Wednesday, Biceps; Thursday, Legs; Friday, Triceps; Saturday, Shoulders; Sunday, Back.

If you already follow an established strength training schedule, you can work in a set of the challenge exercises each day and note your progress over the month. If you’re just starting out, taking part in the challenge will offer an introduction to the basic strength training machines and encourage you to build a workout schedule for an ongoing fitness program.

Sign up at the Front Desk and start the challenge on Sunday, January 1.

For more information contact the Front Desk at 310-390-3604 or consult with a Healthy Lifestyle Counselor.

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