Dear Editor – Adding More Red Light Cameras

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Dear Editor,

At [tonight’s] meeting of the 12th the Culver City city council will consider a police recommendation to install six red light cameras at three new intersections.

Here, from the staff report (copy attached) is a table of the violations recorded at those intersections during a 12-hour site survey or “test hang” conducted in early October.

The police are recommending two cameras at each of the intersections, monitoring just the NB and SB
traffic. Doing the math, 68% of the NB and SB violations in the survey were right turns. Based upon thetrcdocsculvercontr2016dec12staffreptesthangtbl
1000 (avg.) right turn tickets the City’s Sepulveda/Green Valley camera has generated
since last December when the City turned on right turn enforcement there, I expect that the City will not
hesitate to issue similar quantities of right turn tickets at each of the proposed new intersections.

Finally, I want to ask you to let your readers know that in LA County, red light cam tickets can be ignored. Hard to believe? Do a search on red light camera no consequence.



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