Drought Updates from Golden State Water

imgresAs the Autumn season plays out, lawns in many communities throughout the state are gradually reviving back to green as customers take advantage of cooler temperatures and more flexible outdoor irrigation schedules to bring their landscapes back from dormancy. The green lawns, coupled with sporadic rain showers in the northern part of the state, certainly give the impression that the drought emergency is behind us.

Unfortunately, California’s lakes, streams and underground water basins tell a different story. The reality is that California remains in a drought emergency. As we wrap up our fifth consecutive dry year, recent reports indicate that two-thirds of California is still experiencing drought, and “extreme drought” conditions have persisted in roughly 43 percent of the state. Residents in many of those communities are bracing for another dry winter, hopeful that taps don’t run dry in the coming months. Golden State Water Company reminds customers to remain vigilantly committed to
conservation, not only as a short-term fix, but rather as a way of life. Our customers have done a tremendous job conserving during this drought, and we encourage all of the communities we serve to continue using water responsibly and keep existing conservation momentum, as the state will likely consider new permanent conservation regulations in 2017.

Start now. If your community is experiencing wet and cool conditions, halting or scaling back on outdoor irrigation can result in big savings over time. If you must water your landscapes, make sure your timers are set to water during our community’s approved days and times, and take advantage of mild temperatures to reduce the amount of time you water each day. Also, audit your outdoor irrigation system by walking from sprinkler to sprinkler,
checking for leaks or damaged equipment that could result in water waste. Monitor for runoff, and reposition sprinkler heads to ensure they are watering your landscape and not your driveway, sidewalk or gutters.

Finally, remain diligent with conservation inside your home or business by making water-use efficiency a part of your day-to-day life. Golden State Water is proud to be your water provider and wants to be your partner in conservation. Click the links to review our Conservation Tips and Conservation Rebates & Programs available in your community. Click here to review your community’s outdoor irrigation restrictions and California’s potable water waste.

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