It is Time for a Red Tent – Nov. 12 @ Blanco Park

9bba1db78fd4feec33047b4340799785If you are a woman as angry, as frustrated and as serious as I am, please join me for a Red Tent this Saturday, November 12, 2106 at Blanco Park in Culver City at 3 pm. Don’t look for an actual tent that’s red – wear red and white know that we are the tent.

The Red Tent was created as a place for women to gather, to speak our truths, to meditate and to be together. This tent is in honor of our votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton. We will use a “talking stick” process to allow everyone to speak, and a living microphone (if the number of us that gather is large enough to need it) to make sure everyone is heard. We will talk about politics and taking action.

Please bring water in a re-usable water bottle, a chair or cushion if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground, a hat or a parasol as you prefer. We will not be offering food or water, so please bring what you need with you. There are restrooms available, and you can park in the shopping center parking lot nearby. If you can walk to the park, please do. We will plan to finish by 5 pm, or sunset, whichever arrives first.

This event is for women only. Please respect the space.

We are on a “first come, first served” agreement with the park, so we will need to respect the space of others as well. Blanco Park is located between El Rincon Elementary School and the Studio Village Shopping Center on Sawtelle in Cuvler City.

If you have questions, please email me at [email protected]

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