Dear Editor – Schools Prepare for Extreme Heat

Light-bulb-0003-300x198As the temperature in Southern California is expected to climb throughout the rest of the week, Culver City Unified is preparing to address the thermal comfort of our students and staff in the following ways to maximize their teaching and learning experiences.

In every classroom throughout the district, portable air conditioning units have been serviced and/or upgraded to blow air that is 5-10 degrees cooler than before this cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, schools will make use of cool spaces on campus and shared classrooms when needed to mitigate the effects of warm weather throughout the learning day; and outside activities will be modified with concern and regard for student health and wellness. Per our district protocol, ice water will be delivered to all school sites mid-day, and administrators and staff will set-up distribution protocols to ensure all students are hydrated with minimal distribution to regular school activities.

As a longer-term solution, Culver City Unified has completed a districtwide HVAC study this Fall, and is in the process of hearing design proposals for districtwide air conditioning throughout the coming months. We are committed to ensuring the thermal comfort of all of our students and staff, and we’re exploring how to maximize our Measure CC Bond monies to leverage air-conditioned classrooms and learning spaces throughout Culver City Schools.

Still, the next three days are set to be warm in Southern California, and we’re doing everything to be prepared for it. Please know that your child’s health and safety are our top priority, and we will take every step to ensure their wellness throughout this week and for the duration of their schooling career.

— Joshua Arnold

Superintendent, Culver City Unified

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