1. Mr. Gotz continues to demonstrate that he lacks the intellectual capacity to understand nuanced issues. He should stick with writing books about Christian bikers and trying to sell them at Grace Church. He fails to understand that one could easily argue that accusing an attorney of slander amounts to defamation per se, and could prove costly.

  2. Mr. Smith,

    For decades, you have recommended that we should move. It’s nice to know that you have not changed your attitude. “If things are so bad Paulette, I’m sure you can get ‘top dollar’ for your house, should you decide to sell, even with the new deplorable parking situation that now exists.” Whatever happened to your church’s motto, “Love thy neighbor”? I suppose it should read “Love thy Neighbor (Except for Farragut Drive).” Grace Church has been the worst neighbor anyone could have. Exhibit A: Not having a single parking spot and never lifting a finger to solve their alleged parking needs.

    Let’s set the record straight…but for you and Andy Weissman lying, cheating, colluding, and conspiring for a rigged “parking study,” the City and others would not be out of pocket over $300,000 of taxpayer’s money. I hope you and Andy Weissman are proud of yourselves.

    We are proud that the Farragut Drive parking issue has exposed the total disregard by the City Council for government ethics. When the good residents of Culver City wake-up and realize that without ethics, nothing works, they will rally against a corrupt government and those who support it.

  3. Mrs. Greenberg, according to your husband, you won…. Let’s just leave it at that. I would like to congratulate you on your hollow Victory.

    Ken Smith

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