Dear Editor – Farragut Parking Study ‘Success’

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Dear Editor:

The parking study has been completed for the streets surrounding Grace Lutheran Church, and is now available to the public. As you may know, I am a long time member of the Grace Lutheran Church, and a leading advocate for having this study done due to the overly restrictive permit parking that has existed on 10700 Block of Farragut Dr. for over 30 years…

The study will be presented to the Culver City Council at their meeting on Sept. 12th. Basically it says that the temporary permit parking restrictions allowing non-permit holders to park for up to two hours a day between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Monday through Saturday adequately protect the parking rights of the residents of the 10700 block of Farragut Dr. and should be made permanent. I am pleased with the results of the study, as it gives the Farragut residents the same protection from intrusive parking as most of the other residential areas have, and still allows members and visitors to our church to park on a nearby city street for a short period of time.

As an aside, I recently heard that a petition has been, or will be presented to the City Council by those residents to not only reinstate their previous no parking except with a permit from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Friday, but to extend those hours to include Saturday and Sunday! That request seems so ridiculous that I won’t make any further comments about it.

Ken and Jozelle Smith

The Actors' Gang

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