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147315302_XSTake your September fitness program to a new level by signing up for the 30-day, 460 mile San Francisco Cycle Challenge by Wednesday, September 1. The Challenge kicks off on September 1 and runs through September 30. You’ll be taking the scenic route along the coast to San Francisco, logging the miles you cycle on stationary bikes in the Cycle Room or in the Fitness Center. We’ll record your progress on the white board and on the big map hanging in the hallway. Everyone who reaches San Francisco by September 30 wins a prize.

The Challenge is free, but you have to sign up at the Front Desk no later than September 1.

Check in with a Healthy Lifestyle Counselor to use one of the four stationary bikes in the Fitness Center. If all the bikes are in use, ask the Front Desk staff to get you started on a bike in the cycle room. The miles you cover in our cycle classes qualify for the Challenge, so be sure to see a Healthy Lifestyle Counselor or the Front Desk staff after the class to record the distance you cycled.

Have fun with the Challenge! Cycle with friends and workout buddies, and urge them on. It’s 460 miles along the coast to San Francisco. When you reach Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll be in better shape and feel absolutely great for having taken part in this 30-day workout with other members of the Y! Be sure sign up at the Front Desk by September 1.

For more information contact the YMCA Front Desk at 310-390-3604.

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