Is Parks and Rec Losing Money? Third in a Series

imagesDiscussing the depth, breadth and history of the Parks and Recreation Department with Director Dan Hernandez there was no hesitation over the department’s current status. “We have seen a wide up-tick in the programs we are offering, we have a lot of new classes coming in all the time, and our camps and after [school] care are running at full capacity.”

After some instructors in the program noted that the loss of the paper magazine had led to a long term falling off of participation, Culver City Crossroads spoke to both staff and administration in regard to the numbers and found things moving, not in a downward direction, but up.

“We do a good job, and really, we have something for the whole community from cradle to grave. Start with the “Mommy and Baby” classes, and take it all the way through to the Senior Center activities, we offer something for everyone.”

Of course, the name of Syd Kronenthal came up, and Hernandez was not just ShowImageimpressed, but grateful to his predecessor. “The guy literally built this whole thing from the ground up. It all is what it is because of him.”

But Hernandez has not allowed the department to rest on any laurels. “We have continued to evolve in the ways that we reach out – we have a Facebook page, we just stared using Twitter, and we do feel that there is always room for improvement.”

While noting that the books were not in the red, Hernandez also gave thanks to the city for subsidizing the programs. “The council knows how much these programs enhance the community, and we do get great support. We have facilities and programs that aren’t available in cities twice our size.”

“It’s really about the quality of life.”


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