Of Sunlight – Shaina Levin

urlOf Sunlight

The world is not a happy place.
It’s got hurt things
and sad things
and everything is dying
The world is not a happy place.
It owns good souls
and bad souls
and all of them have holes
The world is not a happy place.
We are distracted by the time we’re spending
The same hashtags are constantly trending
and still we watch the messages pending,
words are sending,
nothing is mending,
lives are ending
The world is not a happy place.
Heartbreak and upset fill the halls
The shouting is everywhere, inside the walls
we stay quiet and add to the pleading calls
The world is not a happy place.
We kill each other for things we don’t admire
We hate ourselves for the ongoing fire
inside our minds, consequences dire
And we scrape at the fences calling us liars
and we desperately try to hide that we’re tired
The world is not a happy place.
And even though it can be sad
Even though it can drive you mad
The world is not always so very bad
The world is not a happy place.
And it takes some time to realize that’s okay.
Cause if you’d just say
No pain today
If you could just watch everything decay
See the beauty in all that will eventually fray
Glimpse the sadness dissipate
if only for a second, once a day
All it takes is one single ray.

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  1. “Of Sunlight” is an extremely insightful and well written poem. I commend the author and hope she will write poems about Culver City for our Centennial Poetry Readings and Contest. Our website is still under construction, but when it is up and running to accept poem submissions I’ll look forward to seeing a poem from Ms. Levin.
    Congratulations to another Culver City poet.
    Dr. Janet Hoult
    Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry

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