Antics’ “Sneaker Suites” Takes on Shoes, Status and Style

160708-sneaker-0192In a deliciously unique blend of hip hop dance and poetry, Antics took over the Ivy Substation last weekend with an ode to the sneaker; as shoe, as status symbol, and as a launching pad for dance.

Created and choreographed by the company’s Artistic Director, Amy “Catfox” Campion, “Sneaker Suites” was an intimate and insightful performance by dancers whose street wise style of breaking, popping and locking, came from the late 20th century with ease, settled into the stage and spun with abandon.

Respect was also paid to ballet and tap, embodied in the deep discipline of physical prowess, with all of the dancers giving body and soul to the performance.

Mark Gonzales, the poet who narrated the journey, spoke about sneakers as the child’s insight into economics, a coming of age signifier, and a status symbol. Who wears them, who manufactures them, all blend into the way they are danced in.

All of the dancers were impressive in their physical power and punctuation of movement, and the ‘welcome in’ style of having the audience shout and clap into the moment gave the feeling of being a part of the crowd, rather than just a spectator.

Antics is based in CulverCity at the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, and information about dance classes can be found at info@AnticsPerformance, or by calling 213-784-1007.


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