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beach-reading-bookCongratulations you have made it through another school year. Now what?

Enjoy some time off, relax, regroup. Spend some time not thinking about anything other than the beauty of the sky and the warm feeling of the sun’s rays on your skin (wear sunblock).

Seniors’ Summer Work
Research colleges
Work on and refine your college list
Visit colleges
Get a copy of your transcript (does not have to be “official”). Available from CCHS in mid-June
Look at your 10-11th grade academic GPA, compare it to range of students admitted to your favorite colleges
Wait impatiently for your AP or standardized testing results
Get your 12th grade summer work done early
Start working on the UC and Common Application (or Coalition Application if applicable). Take your time filling out these applications. Make sure you do them correctly. The submission deadlines are in the Fall or Winter, but it makes it easier if you enter all of your transcript information, extracurricular information, personal data etc. now.
UC available August 1, 2016 for school year 2017. Submitted: Nov. 1- Nov. 30th 2017
CSU Deadlines/Availability Oct. 1- Oct. 30, 2016
Common Application. Available Aug. 1, 2016. Application deadline varies by college
Coalition Application: Projected launch July. Application deadline varies by college
Start working on the UC’s Personal Insight questions, the Common Application essays, and the Coalition essays. Note: Common App is using same prompts as for 2015-2016 school year. UC prompts have changed to short answer questions.
Research and start applying for private scholarships
Prepare for taking or retaking the SAT and ACT in Fall of senior year
Find something interesting and community related to do over the summer. E.g., Volunteer at the CCUSD Summer Program at La Ballona, help the Backpacks for Kids Food Drive in July, get a job, take a class, travel, read, find an internship, and much, much more.
Research careers and majors
Don’t forget to spend some quality time staring into space and daydreaming

Juniors’ Summer Work
Start thinking about what type of college you might want to go to
Visit a few colleges to see if you could picture yourself there in a few years
Do your CCHS summer work so you can start junior year in the know
Look for scholarships available to juniors (if awarded, it will be held for you until college)
Do your summer work before the August registration dates
Relax, regroup, hang out with family and friends

10th graders, 9th graders, middle school and elementary school students
Dream about the future. What might you want to do? Explore the Amazon, write a book, work in a business, develop a cell phone app, create video games, become an astronaut, play volleyball or learn lacrosse, delve into the inner workings of the human mind, try to understand what motivates people, run for political office, learn how to rewire a house, master the internal combustion engine, travel, become a world citizen, create world-changing software, discover cold fusion, understand earthquakes, find a cure, help attack cancer, play the saxophone, rock out, become a teacher….
In other words, look into the future and picture yourself going to college and what you will do with your education and the vast possibilities of your life ahead

Make the most of your summer. For the new seniors, put in the effort now so you can ease into senior year and enjoy senior year activities.

Jamie Wallace
Get Smart for College
Independent Educational Consultant
Jamie is a UCLA trained educational consultant.
[email protected]

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