Wheels to the Train ? Bike Commuter Clinic

aeed9944fb4030d557eef85338c2c17e_XLThis is the weekend that the Expo Line opens to Santa Monica, and if you are planning to ride the train, planning to leave the car in the driveway is an important part of your success. Parking spaces will be limited and wheeling over on your bike can be a great way to go. This clinic will take you through the whole process so you don’t have to wonder how to do approach any part of your commute. May 22 at Syd Kronenthal Park 3459 McManus Ave. Culver City 90232

Led by League of American Bicyclist instructors, this 3 hour clinic will cover the following:

Planning a Trip To and From The Nearest Metro Station
A Brief Overview of The Rules of The Road
Proper Helmet Fitting
3 Point Bike Check
Stopping, Scanning, Signaling
How To Place Your Bike On A Bus Rack
How To Properly Lock Your Bike To A Stationary Bike Rack
How To Purchase, Load and Use A Metro Tap Card
How to Board The Train With Your Bike and Where to Place Your Bike When Boarding The Train

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