Culver-Palms Y Free Membership for Teens this Summer

IMG_0514If you think teenagers should spend the summer working, or working out, the Y has got it covered.  Teens from 12-17 years old will be able to join the Y this June and July — for FREE! In addition to offering free membership and exclusive programming for teenagers, the Y is partnering with the City and County of Los Angeles to provide youth and young adults with part-time employment opportunities. All 26 LA Y locations will offer exciting programs to keep LA teens active and engaged this summer.

Enrollment for “Get Summer” Teen Membership kicked off April 30 at our Healthy Kids Day® events. To sign up, teens must be accompanied by an authorized guardian and photo ID is required. Following Healthy Kids Day, in-person registration will be available at all LA Y branch locations.

At the Y, we pride ourselves on offering tools, resources and support for our neighbors to thrive. We even waive our Joining Fees on certain days to further eliminate barriers for our community to get healthy, active and engaged. But, our commitment to the health and well-being of our Teens through “Get Summer” is unprecedented.

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