Dear Editor – Former Board Colleague Supports Scott

lightbulbDear Editor,

I am proud to support Scott Wyant for City Council. I worked with Scott when we were both on the board of the Culver City Education Foundation. His daughter had already graduated from Culver City High School, but that didn’t lessen Scott’s commitment to our schools and our community. I was impressed by Scott’s tech savvy, his understanding of our community from multiple perspectives and by the way he personally did the leg work to gather facts before coming to a decision. But I was most impressed by his calm demeanor and his strength of character.

I know that as a member of the Culver City City Council Scott will work thoughtfully with everyone. Rather than being guided by pre-conceived notions, he will be enlightened by his experiences as a father, resident, homeowner and business person— not to mention all of his conversations with people across our community. I am confident that Scott Wyant will continue to proactively gather information from all sources so that he can act wisely in the best long term interests of our city.

Scott Wyant has my vote. I hope he has yours.

Jody Reichel

The Actors' Gang

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