“Tempest Redux” @ Odyssey

TempestReduxEnciBoxA trek lately took me to The Odyssey Theater
A sweet companion and an evening deluxe
to sample a closely tailored tale of Shakespeare

the New American Theatricals’ “Tempest Redux”

The venue was intimate, the audience held in close

a simple stage, blue light, an actor

began the play holding the center stage as most

other characters came to surround him after

Like steel shavings to a magnet, or moths to a flame

Jack Stehlin performs Prospero, the right Duke of Milan

calling forth his servants, bound to honor his name.

The freedom longing Ariel, the angry Caliban

by power not easily understood, must remain

with Prospero, who calls the tempest to the sea,

to wreck the unsuspecting ship of his enemy.

A trim and well shaped script, performers of great skill

Director John Farmanesh-Bocca bends them to his will

The four legged Caliban moves by drag and tumble

The shipwrecked crew is shown both mad and humble

The amplified Ariels speak through the air

Confounding the mortals who know not they are there

A fine play, offered with a charming modesty

Jack Stehlin and company play at the Odyssey

physical poetry, both seen and heard.

Friday  through Sunday, ’til April 23rd.

Odyssey Theatre, 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles; Fri.-Sat. 8 p.m.; Sun. 2 p.m.; Extended through April 23. For tickets go to  www.OdysseyTheatre.com. Running time: 90 minutes.

Photo credit to Enci Box, @Stage Raw



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  1. Tempest Redux is an amazing performance. A thoughtful and creative re-imagining of the original it has more heart and impact. It is a must see! Even my teen enjoyed it.

  2. A truly amazing experience — I’ve seen many stagings of The Tempest, and this was by far the best. And Judith!!! Nice work!!!! A review in iambic pentameter? I can barely still SPELL those words!!! What a pleasure to read, and it helped me to remember the utter amazement of the play itself. Yipppeeeee!!! I love Culver City. How could I not?

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