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Light-bulb-0003-300x198I have known my husband, Scott Wyant, for more than 40 years. When we started our family, we lived in a small apartment in Santa Monica and Scott began looking for our first home. Culver City was the place he found – an amazing oasis in the midst of Los Angeles with good schools. I know something about schools as I have taught in private and public elementary schools and am an executive for a company that manages employer sponsored child care for major employers. Scott rode his bike around all the neighborhoods looking for just the right house – one we could grow into and make our own. He found that house for us and from it he walked our daughter to school every day, making sure he knew the kids and teachers that were now part of our lives. He took the time and energy to make sure we were part of our community we had chosen. Through raising our family and creating a community of friends we fell in love with Culver City.

Now Scott is running for Culver City Council. He knows and interacts with many people every day, learning from his earlier years of walking his daughter to school, that knowing the families and neighbors on your street and around town is the best way to create community. He cares deeply about the city and has long participated in local government. He is a natural at inclusive decision making and always works hard to get all the information, from all corners. He has the time and energy to focus on Culver City and he is exactly what our city and our neighborhoods need. He is honest and true in his communication. Please vote for him to help sustain the great community we live in. He is the guy to help us stay community focused and ready for the future.

Most sincerely, Leslie Spanier-Wyant

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  1. Ah, life is one decision after another – some quick and easy, others time-consuming and fraught with worry. To work on Scott Wyant’s campaign has been one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I have been so grateful to have had Scott, Leslie and daughter Molly as good friends and neighbors for over 20 years, and it has been so much
    more than a pleasure to do whatever I am able to do to help get Scott elected to our City Council. Scott has so much to bring to the table. Besides his almost eight years of Planning Commission experience, what I appreciate and respect about Scott is that he is an independent thinker. Intelligent, a natural problem solver, Scott is someone who has the gift of listening critically to all sides of any issue, without an agenda. I have witnessed this through the years, as I have watched him work through many difficult, complicated situations, and on top of that, I know that he is a man who lives with principle. Very soon after buying our house in 1985, I realized how much we had to be grateful for as residents in Culver City: We have the neighborliness; the warm, small town atmosphere together with the feeling that you can make a difference and be heard; the great schools; the excellent Police and Fire Departments; the parks. I also appreciate all that our Redevelopment Agency did to bring our city to the bustling, ever-changing place it is today, but hope that in the coming years, we never lose the city’s essence. Besides being a resident here for 30 plus years, Scott has had enough Planning Commission experience to know the difference between healthy growth and so much growth that it changes the city’s heart. Enough said. Please vote for Scott Wyant – it’ll be the best decision you will have made in a long time.

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