Dear Editor – Meghan’s Critical Balance

Light-bulb-0003-300x198To the Editor:
We have lived in the Carlson Park neighborhood of Culver City for nearly twenty years. During that time the city has changed enormously, from a quiet backwater to a busy destination and job center. While many changes have been beneficial – increased home values, restaurants, job opportunities – there has been a downside as well. This includes increased traffic, mansionization , decreased housing affordability, and a shrinking variety of local shopping opportunities – where’s the closest hardware store?

Meghan, during her time as City Council Person and Mayor, has served as a critical balance to the majority of business and development-oriented members. Her outspoken positions and votes on traffic calming, out-of-control billboards, fracking, and mansionization, reflect her concern for transparency and maintaining Culver City’s unique status as an island of livability.

Lisette and I urge you to support Meghan on April 12th.


Lisette & Norm Palley

The Actors' Gang

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