Dear Editor – Firefighters for Eriksson

Light-bulb-0003-300x198The Culver City Firefighters Association is pleased to endorse Göran Eriksson for Culver City Council. After interviewing City Council candidates, it is clear that our Association stands with Mr. Eriksson and his pledge to continue providing our city’s first-responders with the resources we need to be successful.
We don’t walk the city in support of just any candidate, but Mr. Eriksson is someone in whom we deeply believe.
We appreciate that Mr. Eriksson has taken the time to get involved in numerous aspects of the city and develop a full understanding of how our city works. We look forward to working with him to keep public safety a top priority.
We know Mr. Eriksson has been a longtime supporter of the city’s police and fire departments and has been an advocate for an enhanced emergency dispatch system to reduce response times. He is also a proponent of new technology that would provide the city’s first responders with more-detailed information before they arrive at the scene of an emergency, a more robust support system for emergency response teams (CERT) and the possibility of refresher training for volunteers who may be called upon to act in an emergency.
Furthermore, Mr. Eriksson has a firm grasp of our city’s finances and has pledged to actively listen to our community.
For these reasons, and many more, the Culver City Firefighters Association is proud to support Göran Eriksson for City Council. Vote Göran Eriksson on April 12!

Dave Rindels
Fire Captain Dave Rindels,

The Actors' Gang

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