Dear Editor – Get Out the Vote

Light-bulb-0003-300x198On March 14, 2016, the Culver City City Council granted (5-0) Lowe’s Enterprise request to develop and construct a mixed-use urban project adjacent to the Culver City Metro Expo Line on the site of the 586 parking spaces now occupying that location. Five acres of city-owned property will become residential, office, retail and hotel properties, plus 300 parking stalls for the Metro Line. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal for the business community. But what about the residents who live around this development, the residents who need to park their cars to use the Metro, the traffic which it will undoubted increase, and the pollution it will cause? Also, why do so few residents know about this development?
Users of the Metro know that if you do not arrive before 9:00 AM Monday through Friday, you will be out of luck. What will happen when 600 cars are competing for 300 spaces? The Chamber of Commerce has its fingerprints all over this bad deal. This Council is too cozy with business interest and too dismissive of residents’ concerns.
The City Council election is scheduled for April 12, 2016. We all need to participate in the political process. Do you want the Chamber of Commerce to continue to control your city, or do you want residents to get a fair and unbiased hearing before the City Council? There are plenty of progressive candidates to choose from this election. Need I say more?

Paulette Greenberg, a 41 year resident of Culver City

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