Dear Editor – Eriksson for Environment

lightbulbWe have known Goran for several years and we have found that he has three important skills to be an effective member on our City Council. Goran has strong people skills, financial skills and environmental skills.

Almost two years ago, he was appointed by a vote of all sitting Council members to the Finance Budget Advisory Committee. There, as the Chairperson, he has advocated for increased community involvement in the City Budget process, updated the current financial policies and extended the City’s long- term financial forecast. .

Under his leadership, the Finance Advisory Committee has developed:
A Measure Y quarterly fact sheet and communication plan to keep residents apprised of how revenues from the city’s half-cent sales tax are being spent.
Recommendations regarding the city’s financial transparency strategy that shines a brighter light on where our tax dollars are being spent
Recommendations regarding the communication of financial information on our city website to allow anyone to see our city’s financial plans.
In addition he has served for the past two years as the Vice-Chair of our School District’s $106,000,000 Citizens Bond Oversight Committee.

Goran is a passionate environmentalist. For example, he embraces our city’s plastic bag ban. He wants to expand safe bicycle routes and move forward for more public transportation ridership. His focus is on even more meaningful changes in our city’s sustainability policies. He supports the drive toward making Culver City a Zero Waste city where all of our trash is properly sorted to eliminate landfill deposits. He champions recycling our city’s organic waste in order to generate recyclable natural gas.

Goran will put neighborhoods first by demanding that the FAA increase the altitude of planes flying overhead to reduce noise. He embraces ideas to reduce traffic and parking issues. He wants our city’s decades-old General Plan revised to create real, practical rules that govern the size of development in and near our neighborhoods (mansionization).

Goran is very approachable and is willing to listen to all sides. Because of his abilities, and background he will hit the pavement running. We feel that Goran is one of the best candidates running for City Council.

Please join us in voting for Goran on April 12th for City Council and for a Better Culver City.

Madeline and Paul Ehrlich

The Actors' Gang


  1. I’m sure Mr. Eriksson is a good guy, but I don’t think we need another candidate endorsed by and closely associated with the Culver City Chamber of Commerce on the City Counsel, especially when all of those candidates not endorsed by the Chamber (I wonder why?) support almost all of the good programs identified by the Erlichs. It’s time for new faces, fresh young blood and energy, and a council less beholden to the Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Why would anyone state that Goran Eriksson is a “passionate environmentalist” when in fact he did NOT embrace the city’s plastic bag ban?

    In fact, he opposed the ban on plastic bags and even wrote about his views in a blog post entitled “Single use Plastic Bag Is Far More Practical,” which ran in The Front Page Online in 2013.

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