Dear Editor – Enthusiasm for Eriksson

I am supporting Göran Eriksson for City Council. While I appreciate his positions on issues that are important to Culver City, such as environmental issues, business attraction and retention, public safety and all the other aspects that make Culver City such a great city to live in, I am supporting him for more basic, personal reasons. I admire his diligence, his work ethic, his intelligence and his leadership abilities. One example occurred when we were discussing the FAA and airplane noise and he was able to pull out his smartphone app that tracks flights, and show specifically how we in Culver City have been affected by this issue. He doesn’t just talk about things, he gives his thoughtful attention, analyzes, and formulates practical, effective action plans. His experience as the chair of the city’s Financial Advisory Committee and his business acumen give me confidence in his sense of fiscal responsibility. But most importantly, I think he will be able to provide a strong, practical voice on the City Council that will help keep Culver City strong.

Nancy Kuechle

The Actors' Gang


  1. We agree with all of Nancy’s reasons for supporting Goran Eriksson
    for Culver City Council.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t support another candidate for city council who is so deeply involved with, and supported, by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce. It is time that we curb the Chambers power over the City Council.

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