Chamber of Commerce Offers Endorsements for Council Race After Candidate Forum

12631408_1542358986092632_7810409075204052630_nThe Culver City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorsed small business owner and Chair of the City’s Financial Advisory Committee Göran Eriksson, former two term Planning Commissioner Marcus Tiggs and small business owner and Planning Commissioner Scott Wyant for the three open seats in the April 12, 2016 municipal City Council election.

The Board of Directors met immediately after a public “Meet the Candidates Forum” at the Courtyard by Marriott to decide which candidates to endorse for this critical election. Colette Moore, Chair of the Chamber Board, moderated the forum and in a statement following the event said, “The Chamber is proud of its open public process of endorsing candidates for elective office; we have the most transparent process of all endorsing organizations, allowing everyone to speak in a forum open to the public, and placing a video of the event on the Chamber website.”

Eriksson, Tiggs and Wyant all showed their years of involvement with city and community organizations, as well as a broad breadth of knowledge of the City’s fiscal standing. Göran Eriksson, Chair of the City’s Financial Advisory Committee and a small business owner, understands the depth of the financial issues facing our city, and is a leader on environmental issues through his business. Marcus Tiggs, current Chair of the Fiesta La Ballona Committee and a former two term Planning Commissioner, showed the Chamber Board his wide breadth of knowledge of the entire community, and his goals which include improving the City’s tax base. Scott Wyant, a technology expert whose business is located locally and who serves on the City Planning Commission, has a complete grasp of the planning issues and concerns for maintaining and growing Culver City.

“The Culver City Chamber Board of Directors’ choices are committed in their drive to make Culver City a better place for all and not just one area of the city over another. In the coming months, the Chamber’s CulverPAC will be involved in supporting the endorsed candidates in the City Council campaign’” said Michael Hamill, Chair of CulverPAC.

The Culver City Chamber’s endorsement process is the only endorsement process in Culver City that invites all of the city council candidates and the public to watch the forum in person and places the video of the forum on its website. Your Culver City Chamber opens the process of viewing all candidates; none are excluded due to lack of membership or any other criteria. will have the video up within a few days of this event; we invite all Culver City residents and voters to view the forum.

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  1. even without my crystal ball, this was an easy prediction.
    Congratulations to Goran, Scott and Marcus.

    Now moving on, next week is the Democratic Club”s turn to endorse.Again I do not need my crystal ball, I hope that they have figured out the math and the number of votes it will take to endorse their 3 candidates. I know, it is a secret so I won’t mention names. Just M, T, and D.

    Now there is one who will not get endorsed. Last name starts with the 7th letter of the alphabet.


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