CC Women’s Club Donates Bears for Children in Foster Care

d0495120-86a9-4039-bc55-47e041ff2d0aAt a recent meeting the members of the Culver City Woman’s Club presented 50 stuffed bears to be given to children in foster care. The Club is a member of the California Federation of Women’s Club and has long contributed clothing, school supplies and other necessary items to foster children under the organization’s statewide Advocates for Children program. Working with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the Club learned of situations that create special needs. One such instance is when children are abruptly introduced to foster care when they are removed from their homes in emergency situations. A Welcome Center was created by DCFS to provide these children with temporary shelter and to address their physical and emotional needs. They remain there until they can be placed with relatives or foster parents.

To help the children at the Center cope with the trauma of a sudden separation, the Club had a year-long project to sew the bears. For a frightened child a lovable bear that he or she can cling to might provide some comfort and lessen his or her anxiety. Culver City resident Angie Waller conducted bear-making workshops at her home using materials donated by the members. DCFS Administrator LaDonna Jones accepted the stuffed animals and thanked the Club on behalf of the children. She reported that the needs are great and seemingly overwhelming. The project will continue next year. For information on the workshops call the Club at (310) 838-0979.

If you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent, please call 1-888-811-1121 or visit

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