AYSO Nationals? Culver City Crushers ‘GoFundMe’

crazyrunninggirl.footgolf-1024x576If you want to encourage kids to work together, there a few more effective means than actual teamwork. With a shot at the American Youth Soccer Organization’s National competition, the only obstacle may be the cost of the trip. La Ballona, El Marino, and Farragut Elementary girls are all part of the team; you can’t get more local than that.

Soccer mom Christina Hernandez Avalos says “These girls have shown a lot of strength and motivation. Every little bit helps!”

“The girls have so much passion for the sport and are excited to have been given the opportunity to compete against teams from around the country.  Your donations will go directly to pay for tournament fees, transportation fees and hotel accommodations,” Avalos encouraged donors.

The girls championship game is online at


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