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Go-Vote-500x500So you want to be a good citizen and vote, but you just have not had the time to read all the literature, go to the forums and question your friends and neighbors. Here is your easy voter guide.

It had looked, for a brief moment, as if there would only be two candidates running for the school board. The late addition of a third candidate changed a ‘walk-in’ to a real race. All three candidates are smart, well qualified folks. But there are team players, and there are solo artists, and when you are running to be one of five, solo is not the skill set to lead with.

Culver City Crossroads is endorsing Anne Burke for school board because she is a thoughtful, detail-oriented team player. The many volunteer positions she has held have benefitted from her intelligence and enthusiasms. She will be a valuable member of the board.

We are also endorsing Scott McVarish based on his long term connection with the Measure CC bond. McVarish has put in a lot of hours at a lot meetings, and he will have perspective and insight on matters coming before the board. His volunteer credentials show him to be ready to step up to the responsibility.

They are both folks who take their commitment to community very seriously, and put their days and their gifts to good use.

I had considered endorsing Kelly Kent. She has a lot to offer, and while her volunteer resume is not as long, it’s impressive. But, in the yoga community, we have a saying; the way you do anything is the way you do everything. Her response to a very minor issue was so over the top, she lost me.

I don’t judge candidates by the actions of their supporters or even their team. People get swept into local elections the way they get swept into team sports, and things like manners can be unfortunately left behind. But this wasn’t just one of her peeps – this was the candidate herself, and how she chose to address the problem was more telling than the problem itself.  I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying that it was not her place to tell me how to do my job. Ironically, if she is elected, it is my place to tell her how to do hers.  That is the responsibility of being the fourth estate.

So, after the numbers come in we will have a new school board. I’d like to see Burke and McVarish take those seats, but whatever combination of two we have out of the three, Culver City will have a smart and dedicated school board. Like our kindergarteners, we hope that they can play nicely with others. Running for office is one skill set. serving is another.


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  1. Extraordinary endorsement when you of all people know how entangled with financial impropriety Scott McVarish is and how horrifically negative he and his campaign team have been. AND how little Ms Burke has had to say about anything. This is a tangled web that is being woven by a small very connected group who have an almost rabid desire to have NO NEW voices on the school board. Just UPCC people. Just one small group. Running the School Board. That’s not good for Culver City.

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