Got Water? Know Why?

Water-FluoridationDo you know the source of the water that comes out of your tap? Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t. The vast majority of urban dwellers have no idea where their water comes from.
Heal the Bay is on a mission to change that. We need a water-literate L.A. We can’t expect people to advocate for a more sustainable future for Southern California if they are clueless when it comes to water.
That’s where you come in. We need your vote to win a $100,000 grant that will help us implement “Dropping Knowledge,” a grassroots community outreach and education campaign throughout greater L.A.
Teaming up with our powerful community partners at the Pacific Asian Volunteer Assn. (PAVA) and Pacoima Beautiful, we will saturate the region to provide a “Water 101” to community groups, neighborhood councils, schools and business organizations. We’re going to do it the Heal the Bay way – which means fun, hands-on, volunteer-driven and solution-focused.
If you want L.A. to be smarter about water, all you need to do is give us your vote in the LA2050 competition.

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