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Light-bulb-0003-300x198Dear Editor,

I had plans to write a letter today, in support of Anne Burke and Scott McVarish for school board. I’m writing a different letter instead. Make no mistake, I definitely still support Scott and Anne. However, I was so impressed by their recent Facebook post that I feel compelled to comment.

As is usual these days, the candidates are using social media to campaign, and every so often I see a post from them, essentially an electronic campaign ad. The latest post from Scott and Anne (attached) simply asks people to watch the YouTube video of the League of Women Voters forum. They even took the trouble to add a timeline for people who want to find particular topics.

Unlike our “sound bite” national politicians, these two candidates are confident that an informed electorate will make the right choice, so they are making it easier for voters to get to know all 3 candidates. Politicians at the national level could learn a thing or two from Culver City.

The forum video can be found at

-Steve Levin

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