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Light-bulb-0003-300x198Why am I walking and talking to my neighbors about Kelly Kent?

I am inspired to do this for three reasons:

* She is a parent and she is an educator. Having both perspectives allows her to see the work of the Board both from the perspective of the professionals who work in the schools and from the perspective of the parents being served. This is essential.

* Kelly understands that parent organizing must involve empowerment of ALL parents, not just some. By developing the before school Spanish program at Linwood Howe Elementary, she has helped parents see that the school appreciates their skills and values their language and culture. This work is essential for improving school culture and academic achievement.

* Kelly brings a fresh perspective to the Board. Her knowledge of how brain science can enhance learning and her experience supporting teachers will help our community understand how ALL students can be supported to reach their potential, not just some children. I know that she believes that every child should be prepared to graduate ready to go to college or prepared for a career, and this is fundamental to making sure that our schools serve our entire community well.

If you vote in Culver City, please join me on November 3rd to vote for Kelly Kent for School Board!

Claudia Vizcarra

The Actors' Gang

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  1. While precinct walking for Culver City School Board candidate, Kelly Kent, Ph.D., I hear that voters are hungry for information about the candidates. They thank me for sharing information about Dr. Kent. I am hearing more and more that voters welcome a third candidate so they actually have a choice. I am hearing that they love the colorful, information-packed brochure, and some even told me they had been thinking, “We need to get a Kelly sign.” (Of course, when that happens, I immediately pull one out of my trunk and install it in their yard!)

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