Walk to School Day – Oct. 7

busHow will you celebrate Walk to School Day? Your school has a plan in place. It’s a great time to celebrate the sidewalks, talk with some friends, or just have a stroll.

El Marino: Standard walk to school day. Meetup groups at US Bank (Sawtelle/Jefferson) and the bridge on Sawtelle. Meeting at 8, walking at 8:15.

El Rincon: Parents are being encouraged to park in the Sprouts, Pavilions or Ralphs parking lots and walk to school. Raffle tickets will be given out at school, as there are no meetup sites.

Farragut: Meetup sights at Vets Park and Lindberg Park (Stone House). Meeting at 8, walking at 8:15. This is a first for Farragut!

La Ballona: Meetup sites at Telefson Park and Culver/Elenda, near the paddle tennis courts. Meetup at 8, walking at 8:15.

Lin Howe: Meeting at City Hall at 8:00 and dance/walking at 8:15

CCMS: Meetup sites at Vets Park (Coombs/Barman), Lindberg Park (Cota and Ocean) and Overland/Farragut.

All events are starting at 7:15. Get your sneakers on and enjoy a wonderful walk to school.

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