Kelly Kent Wins Sole Endorsement from CC Dem Club

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMHAAAAJDQ4YTc4YjY0LTZhZTMtNGZkMy05ZTc5LTg4Y2NkOGU4YjQ0ZAThe Culver City Democratic Club held their candidate forum and vote to endorse for the upcoming CCUSD School Board Election on Sept. 9 2015, and only Kelly Kent came away with the club’s backing.

Dr. Kent offered “I have held democratic ideals close to my heart my entire life. Those values were my catalyst for becoming an activist in New York. It was falling in love with Culver City and its sense of community that led me to pursue electoral politics. I am so honored to have received my first official endorsement from such a prominent and active organization as the Culver City Democratic Club.”

While it was noted that Kent only recently registered as a Democrat, that put her within the requirements of the club for an endorsement. Kelly won 30 votes on the first ballot ( 22 votes were the number needed to get the endorsement) with Anne Allair Burke receiving 18 votes and Scott McVarish 9 votes.

While a second ballot was held, neither of the other candidates received the 22 votes needed to qualify.



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